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Friday, January 18, 2008

the boy next door~~~

Wow!!! finally.. i am not tat tired after a sleep.. lol.. i got no time to sleep anyway.. but because of this, i got a chance to see who the hell staying beside my house.. lol.. they are 3 people staying there.. 1 sister and 2 brothers.. they are sibling yea.. the sister is very pretty.. but i think she is already 27++ years old.. the brother is about 29 ++ .... juz dont care about this 2 fella.. check on the last 1.. the youngest brother in their family.. oh well.. he is a cute guy.. i think he is around 20... big eyes. fair.. and.. handsome.. wow.. a handsome guy is so near to me but we dont even noe each other.. hope to noe him.. he is juz.. adorable~~~ haha.. xD


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