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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

lol.. for my penang trip.. well.. pls go to my link and click on kitt xian!! haha... now lets talk about my memoirs on 2007 and the plan for 2008.. haha xD

basically 2007 was a wonderful year.. i tred everything and i learned lots of skills from scouts. hehe.. i love scout... lol.. and i am kinda active in scout last year.. lol.. went for all the camp, outing and service. ikss.. i am lazy to repeat wad i have did.. if u are interested, read all my post k.. haha.. xD..

now for 2008, SPM year.. i am preparing to be a nerd 1.. hmmm.. no more shopping, online for the whole day without doing anything else, skip skool...... hard working. tatz my way to reach my goal which is 8A's in SPM!! lol.. i took 11 subjects.. best of luck for me pls.. haizz..

ohh yea.. went for countdown in curve yesterday nite.. we have fun and we love the firewok!! it is so nice.. haha.. lets take a look of the picz!!

lol... my 2 lou por!! pretty and hot.. dont u think so?
we have fun together in the last nite of 2007!!
dark VS fair...

gang.. this is our gang!! lol..

hui xian!! the 1 who dump me half way.. lol xD

lol.. she look cute.. doen't she? kitt lei i mean.. i am not tat perasan!! haha xD

lol.. kah hoo... the middle guy!!

lol.. is him again!!

lol.. me with my 2 seniors..

kitt lei and me again!!

the 2 best fren forever!!
ohh.. this is me with hui xian.. the hot chick..

drink beer?

no thankzzz.. haha xD


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