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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Her Fault??

Bobo and Edison..


The Hong Kong celebrity sex scandal involving pornographic photographs of Hong Kong movie star~~~ Edison Chen and few female movie star has destroy their careers and possible entire lifes. One of the victim, Gillian Chung ( ah giu) has been asked to stop work by the public. why people asking her to stop work?? i dont even think is her fault. yea, she is the one on the pornographic photographs. but this is what happened last time. when she was in love with Edison. And now because of the picture, her future is no longer bright. not only Gillian, it happened to Bobo too. She has retired from the entertainment industry and was intending on marrying into high society. However due to the pornographic images of her and Edison, she might be saying bye bye to her wedding. why this happened? if this happened later, i mean after she married the rich guy so called Philip. If the husband want a divorce, at least she can get some money.. sorry.. i noe i am money minded.. but.. it is the same to this woman.. dont really like this woman...

If u wanna ask me have i watch the pornographic photo, i will say.. yes.. it is just an accident.. click on something.. and it appeared. lol. btw.. edison is hot.. one of my friend said, if she is Cecilia cheung, she also will jump on the bed and xxxx xxx.. figure it out urself.. haha..


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