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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Am i useless?

this will be an emo post. AM I USELESS? i hope i am not.. but sometimes i do feel like i am. well the word useless is too much. Maybe we can explain it will this-- no brain. ( Cantonese please) not to say i don't have brain. (there wont be anyone without brain in this world.) but didn't go through mind before decision is make. To be honest with u, i don't use to go through my brain when i am filled with anger. That's why i am always in a fight with someone or regret after i did something. Regret after u did something you not suppose to do is actually a bad feeling. just because of this stupid bad feelings, you make Ur day a bad day. then the friends around you might thought that u are a bad friend with bad tempered.

Done with the stupid explanation about brainless~ now lets talk about me. Here are something i found in myself.
1. Bad tempered to some people.
2. Didn't think before i say something when i am in a hyper mood.
3. Always embarrassed myself.
4. Bossy and Fussy.

SEE.. that's why i must make myself better and use my brain more often compare to now.. but do u think i can make it? for me.. i hope so but real life not really. so, if u think i am over sometimes, i don't mind u remind me about this~~ >.>

Of course, there are bad and good points. Same to brainless. u MIGHT get more real friends who really understand u. beside this, you will get the chance to be outstanding. COz when people are all quiet, you are the 1 who talk and talk and talk... IF u are not so good in speaking, people might think u are self praising. ( i am.. sometimes when I'm kidding.) but if u are good, people might think tat u are interesting.
SO.. LETS VOTE!! VOTE in my Chatbox. number 1, 2 or 3
3. CAELY IS REALLY BRAINLESS. NO matter past, present or future...
( p/s: Pls don't sing shen ahh jiu jiu baboon.. this kind of songs in front of me, it is really irritating. behind of me.. no problem.. bllinkzz~~


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