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Monday, March 31, 2008

Pass & Future~

Few minutes ago, i was looking at pictures.. saw the old me.. childish me.. and last but not least.. childish frenz.. So many pictures made me feel touch. but what made me make my decision to post out this post will be scout's photos. Scout. a badan beruniform which i joined since form 1. If u think that i love scout since tat time. then u are wrong. i don't like scouting as much as u think. joined it just because the uniform looks good. when i know there is test taking, i planned to stop and join other badan beruniform which no test taking.

But because of the recruits camp, i passed 5 test out of 7. den i continued with it. until i got my tenderfoot with my fellow friends. FATE.. isnt it? We got a best recruit tat year. was a she. Tan Huey Lin. someone i take as best friend. She's the 1 who bring me into scout, teached me th
is and that. she even had a training for me and other patrol members. At tat time, we were so close. ME, HUEY LIN, SOOi Kee and MEI YEE. We got bullied by gangster together, used parang and chopped stick in the field. take test together and all sorts of sweet and bitter memories. Form 2, Kin Meng, Kian Min and Geoffrey joined in. i alwayz said i dislike Geoffrey because of his attitude. but wad i really mean is i treat him as friend. even though i bossed at him most of the time. Sir Tiam Kuin. We take test from him. a nice scouter. because of him, we hard to get our test pass. If we passed, we will be as happy as a little girl who got a sweet on her hands. Is tat because of the test taking is easier, friends are gone or we had grown up. some of us lost our passion in test taking now. and some even feel like quiting scout. Through scout, I got lots of changes. yee en. Most of the time, he put on his irritating look on me because of my bad attitude when i was a form 1 girl. until now he give me a smile. not often. but better than nothing. seck houng, someone i respect. still remember i were the 1st person he gave push up when he juz become a Troop Leader. Huixian and Kittlei who dislike me because they thought i am a bad girl. till now we are friends. Alwin. like him so much but still wondering why i liked him. is no longer a secret. so. i don't mind sharing it here. Kah hoo. a good chatter in midnight.. Chee Ken, my assistant who make me headache most of the time. Mathew Vincent. Love them like how much i love my brothers. Li ching, Shannen and Sze Ting correcting my English most of the time they saw me.

I dunno how to cook when i went for my 1st jungle camp. Still remember Vincent Lim asked me to pour all ketchup into the spaghetti sauce and it ends up ketchup with spaghetti noodle. Now, i am a FQM. If u think i can cook well. then is all because of scouts. my scout's friends said my cooking sucks since tat day. and it made me cooked everyday after i backed from the camp. You can meet real friends through camping. ofcoz not the school camp. but jungle camp. tolerate with each other, noe more about ur frenz. scouting is the best way.. LoL.. these are like promoting scouting.. haha.. i hope u enjoy the pictures. good nite~

Pictures carry memories.

My 1st campfire.. the best 1 too..

This is the form 1 kin meng.. LoL

Form 1 Kian Min

Form 1 me and sooi kee

Hui Lin..

The cute little us.. (form 2)

not forget the mean yee en >.<.. he looks cute when he smile.
The sheep when i get to noe him more in form 4..

Girl Scouts are as good as boy scout.

Don't u think he is charming.. haha..

these people make me lost my mind.

Respective Ex 17th PJ boxing Kangaroo Troop TL.

meet true friends through scouting.


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