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Thursday, March 6, 2008


8/3/08!! General election.. A big day FOR MALAYSIAN.. but a bigger day for the candidates. Last friday, Mr Mail enter our class and talk about election. He said.. why there is Election? is because of the perlembagaan... ok.. so now everyone understand why election exist.. but i still dont understand why must they hang up all the banner.. this and that.. dont u think it looks like a pollution than promoting themselves? just because of this stupid banner, making my mum almost get into an accident.. as u noe we have heavy rain this few weeks.. because of the rainy day, most of the banner collapse. Beside this i found out something funny. look at this..

This is one of the theme they use.. which meanz we dont talk much but making work done.
but what i see and listen from the radio is something different. if u are doing something as what u said, why u do so much of this? i mean advertising urself... haha.. is like slapping ur mouth.

hmm.. beside this, dont u think when election is near, those candidates go near u and ask how are u.. what can she/he helps.. the place they love to go now might be market (coz got lot lots of people) .. this is not a place we see them often but once in 4 years.. lol.. a blogger said.. normally they wont even go mamak.. now help hawker fried kuew tiao... lol

well, i cant say tat they didnt do wad they should do on the prvious 4 years.. maybe they did.. juz i cant see tat.. due to my no interest on politic.

PS:VICTOR WOO!! U ARE SO DAMN HANDSOME!! but too bad.. i am not above 21.. haha..


  • At Friday, March 07, 2008 1:04:00 AM , Anonymous KI said...

    hahahaha.. I think you're talking about Victor Gu, not Woo... and fyi.. He is taken.. he is Chew Mei Fun's boyfriend... so.. too bad lar.. :)

    And, when you can vote, Don't just vote because the candidate is handsome! Know who and what you are voting for! The future of the country is in the hands of all of us. Every vote counts!

    Remember the keris raised, the bibles confiscated, the bodies snatched, the temples demolished. Remember Altantuya, Zakaria, Murthi & Nurin. Remember our responsibility for our own future.

    The people should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of their people.


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