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Saturday, March 29, 2008

MY L is coming soon~~

GOT CONNED by cousin!! thankz to my very smart cousin.. who bring me to this.. stupid driving skool.. which cost me RM1400!! (including extra lesson on driving and SURE PASS GUARANTY!! so i hand my RM350 for undang to my beloved cousin RM250 for 11 hours lecture!! (5hours undang 6hours amali) another RM100 for test and some extra stuff.. but until now only this girl called me and said.. we cant take the test because she got no time!! what the hell.. and when i asked her whether she has paid for it not.. she answer me~ yea. and i am like wad!! you got no time and u want me to take my undang alone.. listen to the talk ALONE? no way!! so we decided to throw out our lesson to my another cousin who is same age with us but finished her SPM (smart girl) and one of her friend with 10% discount. so in this business, i lost RM35 for undang. luckily i juz pay for the deposit. lol.. all the best YING~~ UNDANG IS juz simple!! haha..

since i cant take it with my cousin, i decided to take it with one of my classmate. SUE HUI. Who had finished undang and learn to drive now with the school car.. haha. she introduce me to her school. NEW WORLD DRIVING SCHOOL. the one in paramount beside KFC. hmm.. check the price with her. is juz RM799. not including the extra time and rasuah... lol. jk jk. haha.. so everything is just like that.

Tatz is a question that i cant figure it out for soo long. so i decided to ask my mum.. mum, if i noe how to drive, can i dont take the lesson.. den i can save more money. den my mum said this which make me so pissed off.. U DUNWAN TO TAKE LESSON?? OMG... still remember u bang my car when u pass by the roundabout? U failed! and bang the car!! lol.. yea.. At tat moment,, i am actually looking at the gear~ (manual car) coz i get a little bit confuse on tat thing and didnt look at the log infront. they juz finish cutting down the tree at the road side. so when i trying to avoid the log, i bang the roundabout. ikzz.. ok cut the crap. anyone got cheaper driving school to intro. make sure is good thank you.
and cheap.. coz i AM PAYING MYSELF!! 50%.. LOL..


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