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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Do u know.. after i post my sister pic on my blog.. most of the reader reply.. CAELY.. YOUR SISTER VERY PRETTY.. so much different from skool..

well.. i understand.. i noe she is pretty.. (ofcoz la.she is my sister) but. i am not tat bad rite stupid egg yolk said i ugly and it makes me dropped my tears (putting saliva near my eyes at tat time) .. sei egg yolk ahh.. tomoro morning my breakfast will be 2 omelette with yee mee.. and CORN!! hahaha..

Me and my sister alwayz fight at home. this is how we start a fight!!

Caely: stupid see yen lin!! scared of ghost!! hahaha..

stupid sister: stop disturbing me.. i need some private time..

Caely: LEH LEH LI BOO BOO.. hahaha.. kiss my ass

Stupid sister: stop it.. dont force me. i dunwan to fire~~

Caely: u think i scared ahh!! come la.. hahaha..

Stupid sister: you you you!! iksss!!

Caely: i am goin to eat ur food..

Stupid sister: YOU ARE THE 1 WHO FORCE ME!!

This is what u see after a round of insulting~

Actually.. do we look alike? me and my sis. i mean...

she~~ the stupid gal..

ME~~ the author ~~


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