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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Got tagged by LOW HUI XIAN-- HAM YU~~ sry..
Do not copy each other's answers.
The tag questions must be 100 % the same.
List 20 names out.

1. Sooi Kee
2. Yoke Mun
3. Karmun
4. Kah hoo
5. Alwin
6. Kin Meng
7. Hui Xian
8. Jeremy teh
9. Shing Chye
10. Kian Min
11. Mathew
12. Sue Hui
13. Kawei
14. Suk Ting
15. Yee En
16. Cheng Keat
17. Li ching
18. Kah jun
19. Stephanie
20. seck houng

How do you know 14(Suk Ting) ?
we were classmates when we were in form 1.

What would you do if you had never met 1( Sooi Kee) ?
I think i will save more money but lost a good fren.

What would you do if 9(Shing Chye) and 20(Seck Houng) dated you ?
Shing chye!! WoW!! he is interested on girl~~
Seck Houng.. All the way from penang? not bad!! haha

Would 6 (kin meng) and 17(Li Ching) make a good couple ?
Evendoe they are TL and JTL but not really. Ching, wan strong character. isnt it?

Do you think 8(Jeremy Teh) is attractive ?
Hmm.. not for me~

Do you know anything about 12(Sue Hui)'s family ?
Not really. but i noe she got air conditioner everywhere in her house. LoL. rich kid.

Tell me something about 7(Hui Xian).
Dai KAh Jie..

What's 18(Kah Jun)'s favourite ?
kissing number 2??

What language does 15( Yee En) speak ?
English, Hokkien, Bm, Mandarin, Cantonese.. same as me!! wow~ talented hor.. xD

Who is going out with 19(Stephanie )?When was the last time you talked to 13 ?
i dunno.. about stephanie wey.. hmm.. can it be me?
Yesterday! love chatting with her..

How old is 16(Cheng Keat) this year ?
23?? ehh.. for more info.. pls contact. 016-3588xxx

Who is 2(Yoke Mun)'s favorite singer ?
ALOT!! wai lan la.. Lee hom!! Jay chou ok ok.. hmm.. those who can sing will be her favorite.

Would you date 4( Kah Hoo)?
hmm.. why not? but. if he date me den it is better. lol..

Would you date 17 (Li Ching)?
I will love to.. so ching. how about a swimming date?

What's 10(Kian min)'s last name?

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11(Mathew)?
hmm.. not really. i dont take kiddo.. haha

Which school does 3(Karmun) go to?
I think she stay at home more than she go skool.. but well. taman sea.

Where does 6(Kin Meng) live?
Around Sunway.

What is your favourite thing about 5(Alwin)?
He is adorable!!

i will tag u!! hehe..


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