u better leave b4 i shoot at u!! hehehe....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fuiyoh~~ examination was.. OVER!! hehehe.. nothing to be happy about dont u think so? when there is an exam, u got the motor to study, got target, got improvement in those subjects u are not good in.... but Caely is still happy with this. Ohh yea. something interesting happened on me during exams. i mean **during**..

In this warm and wonderful but filled with stress afternoon, a young gal was taking her mandarin paper in 5Cempaka located in taman sea. There was a young Malay teacher standing in front of the classroom, she keep herself looking at Caely. Maybe is because of race issue. She might thought that why there are so many Malay people taking chinese education. Maybe she plans to give this to her child in the future. At this moment, a short but loud melody was played. Not anyone else but the poor innocent Caely. the phone which she put inside the pocket rang. Just because she forgot to silent her phone and unfortunately, one of her beloved friend send her a short message to inform her something about scouts. Did teacher take action?? yes. she did. She walked to her, asked her to silent her phone and pass it to her. At this time, the candidates were laughing non stop including the victim of this case. Very big thank you to that teacher, she passed back the phone to Caely. nice teacher isn't it. hmm.. no teacher is bad but most are evil. **end**

Case 2
Not a hot, warm evening or wadever.. After the ceremony of teachers day and a long chit chat about problem kinz facing, Caely was finally back to her seat and prepare for the next paper. It was PJK. After 20 minutes of shooting, she was done with that paper and keep looking at MR T.C. wondering why there is a chinese teacher who take Malay as his profession. silent? there are no silent moment in Ixora. not a second too. but this totally break the whole class into a big laugh group. Caely's phone rang. well, this 1 was a phone call with a loud ringtone playing. she was shock. very. It was played for 10 second b4 she pressed on the keypad which show the word busy there. MR Teh looked at her. and this came out from his mouth. What should i do now. AT this time, Wesley try to get himself into this case with saying this-- they cant hear anything. LoL thank you so much Wesley.. end of the story, Mr Teh didnt take any action. What a lucky girl.

Case 3

While people are taking their chemistry paper 2, she was still on her bed. at 10.10am. she woke up and rushed to school for her Est paper. well, she didnt know that she is not allowed to take any paper if she is not in school at7.30am. no choice, with another dumb dumb, she hit to the office and try to convince the teacher-- Pn Ang. But she gave them a damn look while telling them they are allowed to take the test but no marks will be given for that paper. What can they do at this time beside taking wad she said. So, end of the story, caely and karmun failed their EST 1st time ever~~ i got A1 all the time for this easy paper k!!

Wow~~ see.. so many things happened to me during exam. hmm.. is that because i am unique enough to allow this to happen on me? lol. special in the dumb way. haha.

** i will be posting another post tomoro i hope..
IF .. IF.. kah sing. U pass me all the photo u took!! lol..**

Baboon studying for exams.

got shock when she received the call!!

well.. not she got fucked!! but lol.. special isnt it. haha xD


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