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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hooray... ... finally.. can get a good sleep.. part of the exams are over. haha.. congratulation to sooi kee and gang.. got hope to score another A.. and for 5 Ixorian who had dropped their chemistry.. too bad loo. u missed the chance to get another A..

while people are studying hard for their chemistry tomoro. i am looking at some articles about Malaysian. found out tat Malaysian loves to say some words to express their feeling for example..



SWT~~ kinz favorite

LAst BUt not Least~~

heard this 4 times in the toilet (girls toilet) in 1 minz time..
the conversation of OMG
xxx: omg. wad is this la.. so hard..
xxx. yea lo.. freaking hard wey. look at the literature part. omg. so confusing!!

xxx: yea.. oh my god la.. tomoro chemistry wey die lo.. my god.. why they plan this timetable 1!!

xxx: LoL.. chill..

see.. malaysian loves IT!!

1. I got my account tuition every monday. and before the tuition start,
we had our time with karmun big big mirror!!
2. Well.. so we act out wad happened in 5Ix...
3. Enjoy lo~~

This is wad teacher do when she wants ur attention~

ohh~~ she is violent~~

This is wad chinese said..
一哭 二吵 三上吊 which meanz at first,
cry~ den if it doesnt work, go
chou yun ba bai. still cant. den they will commit suicide.

This is ugly~~ ikss

hmm.. i look like Ms Beh~ teaching account..

This is wad teachers do in the washroom.
teachers are cam-whore too~~


Teacher with baju kurung posing~ poser!!

really.. poser la u!!

She spotted me!!

Guess wad she saw...

an angry old teacher with specs~

Doing this???

class.. lets start our lesson~~ yeah!! caely dancing~~

This is how sok loi turn on the fan~

lol!! yes~~ she is a sok loi.. haha.. xD

sorry la. syok sendiri oso.

and it turns out like this..

ASSS~~ haha..

SCARY!!! ghostie.. like chinese hak mou xiong ..

ehh.. this can be bak mou xiong~ haha

End of the story.. teachers all gek sei!! thankz to 5 IXORA LA!!

** good job class**


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