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Thursday, May 22, 2008

juz a post!!

FuiYoh.. do u noe wad had happened to me today~ hahaha.. i called in 8tv and so get so lucky to be their 1st caller and won back weng yi malaysia concert on 31st May!! lol.. i think i can get at least 2 tickets.. anyone wanna join me? is in Genting!! LoL.. might overnight there~~ hehehe..

Hmm.. Didnt go school today. not because i am sick or bla bla bla~~ well, evendoe i say i am sick, do u think u will believe it.. NAH!! no rite~~ caely didnt go skool bcoz she was still on bed at 1.30pm. hehe. after woke up, got nothing to do. so i had made some delicious and beautiful chrysanthemum dessert.

well. it is very easy to make. if u are interested. lol. get the recipe from me lo~ or maybe u already know how.. hehe. xD


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