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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Everyone went somewhere during holiday. like i am so outdated here. staying at home doing nothing beside flipping books.. Damn sien.. but. cant blame anyone. who ask me not to study hard in form 4. now regret. yea is still ok to regret now. if on October only i regret den... figure it out urself lo. hehe.

Made soy bean
Soybean milk today.. hmm.. 1st time making it. is not really hard coz my mom is beside me, giving me instruction.. and i do have a soya bean blender there . not like Chen Mei make dao jiong. got to use tat very big (i dunno wad it's call..) thing to make dao jiong.

Lets pictures say the word.. lol

If u got no bean. how u make soya bean

Pour a cup of bean and 3 1/2 cups of water into the blender~

DEn.. After it is done pour out the soy bean~

Bean Dregs

Boil it~~ until. it is boiling, put in rock sugar and pandan leaf~

Grandmama dao jiong soi !!

Simple leh.. ofcoz la. with that machine, u can actually save lots of time and work~ blinkz.


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