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Thursday, June 19, 2008


haha.. finally. the very bz moment had passed~~ hari kantin was over this Monday. the day b4 it, Sunday. i was so busy. brought the old fridge to skool den went pasar bought chicken and ingredient. due to some problem, i cant get the main ingredient. so from sea park pasar, me, kian and kinz walked to ss2 pasar.. but at the end, still back to sea park pasar to collect our chicken ( 17kg chicken) it was heavy!! After finish buying everything.. we walked back to skool and put everything in fridge.. stayed in skool till 3.00p.m. coz me and kinz had to come out with the structure and clean up the mess in the kitchen. After an hour, Karmun went skool to meet us for shopping later. not shpping for clothes but food~~~ Bought everything in Giant till 7.00p.m. Too bad Giant didnt sell maltose so Me and kinz have to go all around PJ juz to look for tat. at the end, we bought it in somewhere.

The night was tough. I cleaned all the chicken den chopped them to pieces b4 marinated~ It is not easy. I spend around 4 hours juz to finish this task......

On Monday, we still have to go for the damn fucking assembly. i hate assembly. It is a waste of time. If i am the HM, i wont wan to have it in my skool juz to Syok sendiri and make the students hate me~~ The preparation on tat day was suck~~ but the ending was great. Conclusion, It was the best canteen day~~ i enjoy the afternoon session ~ it was cool, fun and.. filled with joy!!


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