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Sunday, June 8, 2008

SEE~~ back.. posting again~~ why? ask li ching the panda who keep rushing me to post post post.. haizz.. Ching. i noe u love me~~ hahaaa. At this moment, i got nothing to talk about. this week, the last week of holiday, i didnt get out from my house but stay in my study and flipping books. Add math, kinda disappointed. i not really understand. if i take those subjects as my concubines, i am the king. den i will say i already abandon addmath this concubine and if i am allowed, i will chop her head off!! Yes, i am still in love with latin and bakery. But too bad, my centre is moving soon. not bankrap ahh!! so. i have to get a new centre soon. should i back to my old centre? the 1 beside mcd? well, i was there only for 2 months. Bakery, Kinz asked me can teach him not. But the prob is learn how to make a cake is not easy. well is easy if u juz wanna make a plain 1 but if u wan something like tiramisu den kinda hard. coz the cost is kinda high. So at the end, i didnt teach him anything about bakery.

I forgot whether i post up this b4. 2 weeks b4 the holiday, kin meng has turns into a poor boy. What he had everyday after school was BREAD. BREAD and again BREAD. This is because he spend all his pocket money on phone~ so, this is what i called dai sei.. hahaha.. On 1 of the Friday, huey lin came to the scout's den and passed kinz a container~ when he opened it up, it was BREAD again -.-''.. but what huey lin said was. hey this is the bread i made especially for u. see wad i put inside. got KAYA and peanut butter~ When kinz finish the bread, the 1st word he said was. i never see people put salty peanut butter and sweet kaya together b4. LOL.. huey lin, wad a good recipe. ~

Back to the 1st week of holiday, the seniors went to ULU Yam for camp. i didnt go for tat because all of them are guyz. and u expert me a gal to be there?? halo. i noe baboon can survive with boys. but see. how u bath? hot u go toielt? with a guy beside u?? lol. but at the end, i went on the 2nd day and overnite there. how i went there? lol. i took KTM to rawang den mini bus to Ulu Yam Bahru. after i reached there, i looked for my ex neighbour in ulu yam and asked her to bring me there. so she brought me there with motorcycle. LoL.. for ur infomation, i am a ulu yam people last time when i stayed with my grandma for 2 years. hehe.. b4 we reached the campsite, we got lost. i dunno where they are so, i called yee en. and yee en was having lesson at tat time so he asked me called Foong Chuan. so did i~ And. at the end. we reached there while the wind and rain water dropping on me and auntie~ lol. On tat nite, we played monopoly, chor dai di. hey.. dont play play. i am good in both~ and the loser for monopoly and chor tai di was the same fella. KARSING!! lol. this shown tat man who is good in photography dumb in everything. jk jk.. Because i am there, so i have to cook. so on tat nite, we cook what we have. and congratulation we finished everything. hmm.. i mean they finish everything~ last day, Foon Chuan came and fetched us down to Kampung Gurney, the orang asli place and wait for bus to go home~~ and yea.. i am home~ LoL, Last saturday was Vincy concert in Genting. i won 2 tickets from 8e news. so i went there and collected my tickets. the office is cool~ colorful. took some picture, take a look urself~ blinkz~~ Yea, i didnt go for concert due to no one can company me there. so, i gave the tickets to 1 of my fren~ hehe.. how good i am. ~~

Short story~~ hmm when i am on my way to ulu yam in the mini bus, the 3 chinese people sit opposite me and they keep looking at me and this is their conversation in mandarin~

Gal 1: very hot ah today~~
Boy : yea.. hehe
Gal 2: hmm. the gal looked like malay haha..
Boy : dont simply said. later people chinese den wad u wanna do? or. she is a malay in chinese educated?
Gal 1: But she is pretty.
Boy: LoL.. yea.. she is. .

wahahhaa.. not i create 1 ahh! but is kinda happy to hear this words.. haha.. ok. pretty malay.. haha xD

Train~~ Train TRAin~~

kinda expensive~~ RM4.50~~

i still dunno why i nonit to pay for the ride~

people people people~~

This is 1 of the temple in ulu yam~

8 tV corridor~

8 e NEWS~~

u think it is neat? nah!! not really~~

vincy~~ vincy~~ weng yi~~

SEE~~ RM0>>

ok. ching.. are u happy with the post? i hope u are happy with it~~ lol..


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